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2 New Awesome Partners!

sathyam supermarket
 olives & more


We are glad to announce that we have acquired new partnerships with two unique local stores!

An absolute gem of an Asian supermarket, Sathyam Supermarket has been delighting Lewisham locals for over 9 years with their amazing Indian groceries. Sathyam Supermarket is the best place in Lewisham for Indian foodstuff - from much-loved spices to exclusive Indian fruit and veg - there is no other store like Sathyam Supermarket in South East London!

Next up, another quirky local grocer, Olives & More - a hidden treasure trove. Set up by the lovely Andalusia-born-and-bred, Mar, who is passionate about Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) - she ingrains her Spanish roots into her beautiful store. Her interest in all things olive started in 2013 because of her health condition, she learnt that extra virgin olive oil could help her manage the symptoms. Olives have proven to have strong medicinal benefits which include diabetes control and the boosting of sleep quality. Olives & More stock an amazing range of Olive oils and Olive-oil-infused products such as cake and chocolate.


  • Pagpabilin nga luwas sa balay ug likayi ang mga taas nga pila - pagpahimulos sa parehas nga adlaw nga paghatud ug ipadala ang imong gihigugma nga mga baligya sa imong pultahan
  • A great range of products including Indian groceries and Olive-oil-infused cakes
  • Support local business by shopping at Sathyam Supermarket and Olives & More


Hit "Check out range" to see Sathyam Supermarket's and Olives & More's gidak-on: